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Stormwater Management

Reliability and protection of water bodies

In highly developed countries such as Germany, France or England, large parts of the natural landscape have been built-up. In Germany, the proportion is 12.5% – about half of it is paved. If rain falls on this surface, the natural water cycle is interrupted, since the water is not stored, infiltrated or evaporated sufficiently.

The challenge

Our challenge begins where rain falls on roads, squares, roofs, airports, stadiums or other paved areas: re-establishing the natural water cycle where it is interrupted and returning the water to natural storage areas. We call this challenge stormwater management.

Our competence

At FRÄNKISCHE we have been working on urban and road drainage for more than 30 years. Stormwater management has gained more and more importance in these fields and has become the benchmark for an eco-friendly performance. We know today that every challenge related to stormwater requires cooperation, systematic thinking and fast action.

The solution

For decades, our products have set the trends in the industry. They uniquely combine economy and ecology. This is how we manage to return stormwater to the natural cycle without causing flood damage in cities or municipalities.