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Q: What does sudpave mean?
A: Sustainable-Urban-Drainage paving.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Cost is calculated on a per square meter basis, please contact for further pricing details.

Q: Where is it manufactured?
A: Kya Sand Randburg, Gauteng

Q: What are the shipping costs?
A: All shipping is from the JHB warehouse and will be calculated according. The product can be shipped domestically and internationally.

Q: Can it carry a heavy load?
A: Sudpave is CSIR tested and suitable for any licenced vehicle loading. From a small car to an 18 wheeler truck.

Q: Where can it be used?
A: Applications include driveways, parking lots, light aircraft taxi areas, helicopter landing pads, reinforcing grass parking areas, water tank and garden shed bases.

Q: What is the load capacity?
A: Depenging on subbase preparation it can hold between 2500 and 3000 tonnes m².

Q: What is it made of?
A: Sudpave is manufactured using predominantly recycled HDPEHDPE.

Q: What is the purpose of sudpave?
A: It's a permeable paver allowing rainwater to penetrate into the ground to avoid flooding.